Sunday, July 12, 2009

History of the start of Moreson Children Haven

Moreson Children Haven was originally started as Talitha Home. Since then the name of the home has changed to Moreson Children Haven.

Talitha Home - fulfillment of a vision

Since 1997 Gerhard and Elmané le Roux saw the need to start a home for abandoned babies. For nearly three years this vision was discussed, put aside, taken up and discussed again, until finally in May 2000 the first baby was taken in by Gerhard and Elmané le Roux.
One of the major obstacles in starting Talitha Home was the need for a married couple to act as foster father and mother for the babies. When Gerhard and Elmané got married in October 1998, this obstacle was overcome and they were ready to take in the first baby. Still another year and a half passed before the first baby arrived.
More babies have since come to Talitha Home. Not all of them are abandoned babies, some come from families where they were mistreated and neglected. The Home also takes in babies orphaned by AIDS, and babies whose mothers would have aborted them but changed their minds. At the moment Talitha Home has two abandoned babies that are in foster care with Gerhard and Elmane and four babies that are in safety care. All the babies that come to the Home are treated as their own children, becoming part of their family, while full-time volunteer co-workers help in the daily responsibilities of feeding, changing diapers, bathing etc.
Young girls that are pregnant but unmarried are also accommodated by Talitha Home and are thus given an alternative to the option of abortion.
When older, the children of Talitha Home will attend a private pre-primary and primary school registered at the Western Cape Education Department and run by people directly or indirectly involved with Talitha Home.
The latest exciting news is that Talitha Home is moving to a farm about 50 km outside Cape Town, near a town called Malmesbury. This will offer the children a healthy farm atmosphere in which to grow up.
Although the Home also helps on a short term basis in crisis situations with safety care, it has a long-term vision for abandoned babies, helping them to grow into responsible adults who, in the future, can make a difference in their society.

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