Thursday, August 6, 2009

Preparation of the basement foundation

Dear Friends
We are grateful for the progress that by God's grace we could have made thus far. It is hard work, and I think that all the brothers involved in the project will agree with me when I say that it were a long time since we were this tired after a day's work!
We are now inserting the drainage around the basement foundation, since a lot of water drain out of the clay and could damage the basement foundation. We also compact the sand on which we will cast the foundations. The layer of sand between the foundations and the clay is very necessary to counteract the movement of the clay.
One of the problems that we are facing is that the surrounding clay walls are very unstable and with every rainfall some clay come loose and we have to dig it out again. The site access road also continue to be a big problem and we already had a truck full of sand who got stuck. We had to offload half of the truck by hand before we could tip the rest! Luckily a tractor from a neighbouring farm came and helped to pull the truck out.
In spite of the all the challenges, we are happy that the work is going forward and hopefully within the next few weeks we can cast the foundations.
Please continue to pray for us and that the Lord will continue to help us in the wonderful way that He has helped us thus far. We can testify of so many miracles that God had done so far, and through that giving us confirmation that He is with us in the project.

Above: Preparing and inserting the drainage around the basement.

Above: Removing clay that had fall in because of rainfalls.

Above: Compacting the sand that we put on top of the clay to counteract the movement of the clay.

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