Sunday, September 13, 2009

Engineer plans, drainage ditch, access road

Dear Friends
We finally completed the digging of the drainage ditches. Now we have to insert the drainage pipes and stones in the remainder ditch and then fill the ditches again. Hard work, but we thank the Lord that slowly but surely the preparation for the foundations of the basement level is coming to an end. We also praise God that our access road is much more solid after it had more time to dry out. We also compacted more coal ash into the top surface and thus making a very hard surface. If this road can hold the heavy trucks with different building material, it means that we can get the material much closer to the actual site than before. This saves us much labor.
A prayer request:
We will soon hand in the engineer plans to the local authorities for approval. Please pray with us that everything will be in order and that they will accept the plans.

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